segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2015

I'm so angry
Just all the time, so angry
When you talk to me, just don't talk to me
When you see me, just don't walk on to me
Cross the street and cross your heart
'Cause lately I've felt just rage, all the time.

I hate when people hate me
I hate when people love me
I hate when people order me
Sometimes I hate that they don't leave me...
Leave me alone, just leave me alone!
They are just people
No more, no less
And I'm no calm, I'm just stressed.

Everytime I hear to your orders
I just want to scream really loud
That I don't need to go through this shit
It won't make me grow, only growl
Leave the room so I don't break your nose
Instead I'll break all this shitty stuff
I never wanted to hit this boiling point
But now I'm boiled, and everything is spoiled.

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